Are you a ‘sit at home soaking it all up’ spectator, or more a ‘pissed with mates down to to the pub’ kind of fan? Or, if you’re the winner of the Mars & IGA promotion, you won’t be watching it on TV at all. You and a friend will be flying to Melbourne, heading to the MCG and if you can kick a goal at half-time, you’ll win a whopping $100,000.

The ‘Official Chocolate Partner of the AFL’ launched the Metcash account exclusive promotion to secure off-location display and drive AWOP. They also offered daily instant-win second tier prizes of $50 IGA Gift Cards. By leveraging their AFL partnership, Mars has secured the half-time activation at the Toyota AFL Grand Final – something most sponsors could only dream of!

Further Info:

If you’re a real nerd and want to read the T&Cs and see how it works, click here. If you’re not a real nerd but want to watch the kick, come back in a week or so and click here to see how they got on!

Did you know…?

This type of mechanic uses Prize Game Risk. Mars’ agency paid Hive a one-off fee which included;

  • Cover for $100,000 major prize (if the kick’s successful)
  • $1,000 IGA Gift Card consolation prize (if the kick’s unsuccessful)
  • Novelty cheques for both prizes
  • Loss Adjuster to attend the game, measure the distance, ensure its all run in accordance with T&Cs, contracts and write a report to the underwriters
  • Consultancy and guidance on legals