This week, Hive has been checking out some of the latest and greatest promotions from the other side of the world.

We found the usual suspects with the soft drink and confectionary categories taking the lead role in promotions across many of the major retailers but we wanted to share one absolute cracker by Cadbury’s Creme Egg.

Cadbury has had Creme Egg treasure hunts in the past but this campaign has taken it to a whole new level. They’ve hidden special ‘white eggs’ in their TV ads, billboards and social media. But it doesn’t stop there, they’ve also hidden the lucky eggs in other brand’s advertising including Honda, Heinz, Tesco, Google, benefit, Metro, Kenco, etc.

And if you spot one, simply capture it (photo or screen shot), upload it and then virtually unwrap it. If you’ve found a white egg, you’ve got a chance at 10,000 quid or if you find a regular Creme Egg, you’ve scored one of 30,000 Creme Egg vouchers to redeem in store. It goes without saying that there’s an extensive Shopper component to the campaign too, mainly supported by Tesco (hence why they probably allowed the eggs to be hidden in their ads)!

Mondelez have used a simple ‘Find and Win’ mechanic but rather than paying for additional media to support the campaign, they have used the campaign mechanic itself to support the media – just brilliant. It’s worth a click through to watch the video.

Hints & Tips

No idea’s a new idea, right? Even the genius that sits behind this campaign hasn’t sparked it from thin air… did you ever hear of a dude called Willy Wonka? He did a pretty good treasure hunt for chocolate back in the day!

The trick to using an existing idea is to upgrade or evolve it. At Hive, we’ve worked on thousands of promotions and often use previous knowledge as inspiration for new and effective campaigns. Maybe we can help you crack your next promotional challenge?