Looking for a creative, interactive and digital way to drive sales… well have we got one for you! The Kinetic Agency has developed a digital platform based off the traditional ‘rock, paper, scissors’ game that incentivises consumers to purchase Pepsi Max for the chance to Play & Win.

Shoppers buy Pepsi Max from Woolies, head online on their phone and choose their ‘move’… then ‘shake’ to battle! If their move wins the battle – they win instantly. If they don’t win, they can enter the second chance draw… BUT, it doesn’t stop there – the instant winners also have the chance to play ‘best of three’ and if they win that battle, they win a minor prize PLUS a major prize – woo-hoo!

So get down to Woolworths, grab your receipt and visit for your chance to Play & Win!

Did You Know…?

IMI PromoTrackTM research tells us 75% people prefer instant win vs. any other type of promotion – this desire for instant gratification is unanimous across all segments of the population. Instant win increases brand switching, purchase frequency and is one of the most resilient mechanics in terms of staving off competitor price discounts.

Hints & Tips

All too often we see fantastic interactive campaigns under-perform because they are too hard to enter, too convoluted (in the messaging or the game) and/or too heavily influenced by superfluous stakeholders resulting in the campaign derailing from the core-objective – to drive sales!

When planning a game-based instant win remember to keep it simple, relevant and compelling…

  1. Simple (to understand at the POP and point of entry);
  2. Relevant (prizing to match the core-demographic); and
  3. Compelling (incentive to influence shopper behaviour).