The Virgin Australia Supercars Watpac Townsville 400 race kicks off tomorrow and again, this year, Coates Hire gives you the opportunity to win in their ultimate Leaderboard Challenge.

Coates Hire has owned the Supercars ‘Leaderboard’ asset for almost 3 years and were looking for ways to leverage the momentum of the 2017 campaign, whilst refreshing it for 2018. By aiming at motorsport fans through social media, Hive crunched the stats and this year, we’re giving punters the chance to win $50 or $100,000!

It’s a simple and effective mechanic. If you can ‘Pick the Podium’ (the top 3 drivers) for any 2018 Sunday race, you WIN $50! Better still, pick the Top 10 in order and you’ll win $100,000!

It’s easy. Simply ‘drag and drop’ the drivers from the list available into your predicted finishing positions and if you match the race results, you win the cash. And if you’re not all that clued up on the drivers, there’s a simple ‘Autopick’ option too. Enter at https://leaderboardchallenge.coateshire.com.au.

There’s no purchase requirement and it’s free to enter so why not give it a go today?

Did You Know…?

Promotions repeated over time build equity and efficiency. They reduce the reliance on your media comms to build awareness and understanding. Each time a promotion is repeated (utilizing a similar mechanic and theme) the subsequent execution delivers a stronger ROI than before because baseline consumer familiarity and understanding is at a higher starting point.

Hints & Tips

IMI research* tells us that consumers prefer a bigger chance of winning something small than a smaller chance of winning something big! So why not combine the research and the rewards – and give punters a reason to participate they just can’t resist.