New Zealand’s biggest milk brand has teamed up with the biggest event in world sports! Anchor wants Kiwis to start the day strong so they’ve partnered with the New Zealand Olympic Team giving all families the chance to go for Gold! During August, the Olympics is top of mind for all athletes, sponsors, brands and consumers so Fonterra, Raydar & Hive have created this campaign which offers prizes to households based on how well the athletes perform.

Shoppers who purchase Anchor 2L milk during the Olympics can enter a code to see what prize they’ll win depending on what medals Team NZ wins at the games. For example; ‘if New Zealand wins a Gold in Men’s Rugby Sevens, you’ll win $100 Prezzie Card’ is one of the 3.9m outcomes available! The total of all prizes (if NZ won gold in every event) is a whopping $150 million.

Head to: anchor.co.nz to check it out.

Did you know…?

This type of mechanic uses two levels of Promotional Risk:

1. How many people will enter the Promotion?
2. How many medals will Team NZ win?

By combining these risks, we can offer an outrageously large prize pool for a fraction of the headline cost.