Sweet Insights (from the UK)

Sweet Insights (from the UK)

Having recently returned from a trip to the UK, we’d like to share some examples of how promotional messaging and prizing can be adapted depending on a brand’s objectives.

From left to right…

Created by Marks & Spencer in the early 90’s, ‘Percy Pig’ has exploded into a household confectionary hero. Percy has literally dozens of offshoots, flavours and indeed ‘friends’ (such as Colin the Caterpillar). Between them, they take almost an entire aisle of M&S. Percy has never run a ‘prize promotion’ but does like to dial up his brand legacy by subtly ‘celebrating 30 years’. This is on the far left of the ‘Brand Equity vs What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)’ scale.

Also dialling up its heritage, Terry’s Chocolate Orange turned 90 this year and to celebrate, is offering its shoppers the chance to WIN £1,932 every week (and also use the word ‘Jubilee’ in a timely way). So, whilst Terry’s is looking to communicate their deep history being created in 1932, they are also giving a personal cash prize incentive and therefore sliding up the ‘WIIFM’ ladder. T&Cs

And yes, it’s a FIFA World Cup year so it’s only natural that brands want to leverage all things football (sorry, ‘Soccer’)! Cadbury are heavy sponsors of players, teams and even the English Premier League but they are not FIFA partners. However, leaning on their heavy football investments, this ‘Win a Worldie – Meet a World Class Player’ rolls nicely up to the start of the World Cup… well played Cadbury! T&Cs

And finally, at the completely tactical, unapologetic far right side of the ‘Brand vs Promo’ scale, we have Nestle’s ‘WIN VIP Ticketmaster Experiences + £250 Gift Cards’ activation. This prizepool is not unique to the brands or products it’s promoting but the call out is clear and doesn’t ostracise any of its likely shoppers or consumers. And for what it’s worth, we’d imagine with that kind of exposure on so many packs in so many stores, you can bet that Nestle didn’t have to pay for any of the £40k Ticketmaster prizes available! T&Cs