If you didn’t back Verry Elegant in the Cup yesterday, maybe you could get lucky with our hot new promotion from our friends at Magshop! It’s a push to encourage people to gift a magazine subscription for Christmas.

Simply subscribe to any magazine through MagShop.com.au and you’ve got a chance of winning $100 cash instantly – and there’s a whopping $200,000 up for grabs!

But here’s the clever bit… ARE Media aren’t spending $200K on the Christmas prize pool. Instead, they pay Hive a fixed fee to manage the promotional risk and pay all the winners directly. Easy.

Did you know?!

A growing number of industries are using promotional marketing to drive sales. Traditionally promotions were really only employed for chips, drinks and chocolate but recently we’re running activities for an increasingly broad range of industries including publishing, travel, gaming, retail and sports.

Hints & Tips

If you’re new to promotional risk, we’re not all that scary! We try and steer clear of ‘Briefing Templates’ and find a good old chinwag a more effective way for us to understand your objectives. Whether it’s a call, a Zoom, a coffee or a beer, we’d love to help you navigate the maze.