The best concepts are those that are so brutally simple, that need no explanation whatsoever. Accolade Wines and Hive partnered on Grant Burge to create a simple, highly compelling and relevant offer across 3 x major retailers. This campaign captures the essence of a traditional ‘Buy One, Get One Free’ offer but with a clever spin – Buy One, Gift One Free!

It’s this simple… head into any BWS, Liquorland or First Choice for the next couple of weeks, purchase any participating bottle of Grant Burge and then go to, upload your receipt and nominate the friend or family member you would like to gift your wine to… they will then get a voucher for the same bottle of Grant Burge…

Did you know:
IMI ConsumerTrackTM suggests that ‘the broad 3 key success factors to any promotion is to ensure it’s simplerelevant and compelling’. ‘Simple’ in its structure and idea (easy to understand and to participate). ‘Relevant’ to a broad category consumer base with a desirable prize/reward. ‘Compelling’ with a strong and immediate call to action, in an exciting and standout way.

Hints & Tips
When developing a campaign its always key to think about the various touchpoints and key stakeholders… This campaign ticks all the boxes:

  • For retailers, it drives new and existing consumers into store (with the chance of spending more!)
  • For consumers, it offers a quirky concept, and the ability to share a FREE bottle of wine with a family or friend member
  • For the brand, it drives trial with liquid on lips (with a personal referral/endorsement from your (very generous) friend!

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